4th International Conference

on Polonium and Radioactive Pb isotopes (INCO-PoPb-2019)


Mobility of 210Po and 210Pb in the terrestrial environment and the kinetics of 210Po and 210Pb

210Po and 210Pb as tracers in the marine environment

210Po and 210Pb as tracers and volatile 210Po species in the atmosphere

210Pb as tracers in the terrestrial environment

210Po and 210Pb mobility in groundwater system

210Po and 210Pb as chronometers in marine, lacustrine and cyrospheric environments

210Pb as a chronometer in carbonate studies

210Po and 210Pb in NORM industries

210Po and 210Pb in dose assessments

Radiochemistry, instrumentation and quality assurance

New techniques in the measurement of 210Po and 210Pb radioisotopes

Miscellaneous topics pertaining to 210Po and 210Pb